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Fryent School Uniform

Please ensure that your child has the correct uniform.  Wearing the correct uniform is an important part of following rules and establishing a smart, school ethos.


The Fryent school uniform consists of:


A sensible, waterproof coat with hood (daily throughout the year).

The Fryent school sweat shirt (with logo)

Charcoal grey trousers( boys and girls) or shorts (boys )

Charcoal grey skirt  (girls)

Fryent polo shirt (with logo)

Plain navy blue jogging bottoms (Nursery)

In the summer months, many children choose to bring a small ‘pack-a-mac’ with them and carry it in their school bags so that they are always prepared for those inevitable summer showers.  In the cooler months children bring warmer, waterproof coats daily.

Girls can choose to wear Pink Check Cotton Summer Dresses  during the summer  as well   

All shoes must be closed toe, low heeled and plain black in colour.

Any type of trainer is not allowed except during PE  or play times but must change back into school shoes for lessons. 

Please refer to the picture below to see what is acceptable. 

No boots to be worn at school unless the weather is particularly bad, e.g. heavy rain or snow.  If the weather is bad the children are encouraged to wear a pair of Wellington boots to school with a change of socks and MUST bring their school shoes in a named plastic carrier bag to change into once at school.

Hijab’s must be plain in white.

Socks:  Boys - grey.   Girls - white or grey.

In the winter there is the option for girls to wear white or grey tights.

In winter, hats and gloves are encouraged and in the summer months sun hats are required (as we have limited shelter in the playgrounds).


For PE (Year 1-Year 6):

Fryent polo shirt (house colours)

Navy blue or black jogging bottoms or shorts

Black plimsolls for indoor Physical Education (P.E)

Black plimsolls or plain black trainers for outdoor P.E.


Jewellery is not allowed (except a watch).

Children can be hurtful and tease others for not wearing fashionable clothes or trainers ( therefore, plain, black shoes are part of our school uniform). 
Please let your child’s class teacher know if you have any uniform concerns, Thank you .