Fryent Primary School

Excellence in Everything

Church Lane, Kingsbury, London, NW9 8JD, United Kingdom



Staff List

Head Teacher - Mr S Nowak

Deputy Head Teachers - Ms K Nolan and Ms L Quick

Head Teachers -
Ms S Davter, Ms G Gonzalez, Ms A Hussain, and Ms C White

Class Teachers:-

Nursery     RAINBOW - Ms D Clarke 

Rec           APPLE CLASS - Ms C Michaels / EMERALD CLASS - Ms A Khan / FERN CLASS - Ms E Kennedy
Y1             CRANBERRY CLASS – Ms A Undre / CRIMSON CLASS - Ms C Ndungu / ROSE CLASS – Ms S Hirani                        
Y2             POPPY CLASS - Ms B Mistry / MAGENTA CLASS - Ms K Badol / RUBY CLASS - Ms R Meghani
Y3             INDIGO CLASS - Ms A Sobell / SAPPHIRE CLASS - Ms S Mosanya / MIDNIGHT CLASS - Ms K Patel 
Y4             AQUA CLASS - Ms S Traenor / COBALT CLASS - Ms C Howe-Lewis / ROYAL BLUE CLASS - Ms B Srikantha / SKY CLASS - Ms P Vinda
Y5             AMBER CLASS - Ms S Hars / PERSIMMON CLASS - Mr A Rafique / SANDSTONE CLASS - Ms L Kyei-Poakwah / SUNSET CLASS - Ms S Rashid  
Y6             CINNAMON CLASS - Ms J Wye / CORAL CLASS - Ms A Sherani / SAFFRON CLASS - Ms G Naeem-Vazqyez 
                 SIENNA CLASS - Ms F Khan/Ms J Guyadene

Opal Ctr
   GREEN CLASS – Ms L O’Dowd / RED CLASS – Ms L Dos Santos / BLUE CLASS – Ms K Dhayan / YELLOW CLASS – Ms V Satchwell

Teaching Assistants:-

Ms S Abdelatti, Ms S Akhtar, Ms T Amin, Ms N Bains, Ms L Basu, Ms M Beckford, Ms D Chudasama, Ms J Francis, Ms M Franulic,
Ms M Gnansampanthan, Ms N Gulzar, Ms N Hussain, Ms D Johnson, Ms S Khan, Ms S Konnur, Ms D Kotecha, Ms C Marian, Ms D Mohamed, Ms F Payman,
Ms R Quashem, Ms M Renwick,  Ms M Robinson, Ms S Sathian, Ms S Sercombe, Ms M Sheikh Ali, Ms J Thomas and Ms Z Thorpe. 

Specialist & Support Teachers:-

Mr A Frieze & Ms M Shah
SENCO - Ms A Flynn, Ms A Tauh, Ms T Baig
HLTAs - Ms J Flynn, Ms C Griffith & Ms C Walsh

Support Staff:-

HR & Facilities: Ms B Brown
PA to CLT: Ms A Miguel
Bursar: Ms C Irving & Ms B McShane
Admissions Officer: Ms N Johnston  Finance Officer: Ms T Sheridan  Procurement Officer: Ms S Tate 
Attendance & Welfare Officer: Ms K Salih 
Welfare Support: Ms S Chughtai
Site Supervisor: Mr Scott  Assistant Supervisor: Mr Pommells  School Cleaner: Ms Halai 

Lunchtime Assistants:-

Ms A Amlani, Ms A Eviripidou, Ms D Halai, Ms BHirani, Ms T Mrimou, Ms J Thomas, Ms S Parreira, and Ms H Wardere.  

Catering Team:
Caterlink Ltd